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From Apartheid to Genocide

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From Apartheid to Genocide

Jerusalem: Settler Colonialism and Apartheid: From Apartheid to Genocide

By: Dr. Walid Salem, Lecturer at Al- Quds University Master Studies Program Editor-in-chief of Al-Maqdisiyah Journal

Submitted to: Global Tribunal on Palestine Geneva, Switzerland, 6-8 June 2024

Introduction: The distinction between settler colonialism and Apartheid : the genocidal and demographic, and changing the blood quantum types elimination of settler colonialism (Wolfe, 2006, and Rouhana 2015) , versus “ Keep them separate, without political, social and economic rights, and exploit them” The Combination between Settler colonialism and Apartheid by the Israeli Occupation in Palestine and East Jerusalem, is due to its failure to eliminate all because of the resistance of the Palestinian people and their steadfastness in their homeland. As an
Apartheid policy Israel divided the Palestinians who stayed in their country to different categories of residency and citizenship : Second Degree citizenship within a “ Jewish State” for the 1948 Palestinians; Consideration of the Palestinians of East Jerusalem as “ Jordanian citizens residing permanently in Jerusalem”; and the Palestinians of West Bank as “ Palestinian Residents in areas under dispute” ; and the Palestinians of Gaza as
“ stateless living in a Palestinian territory”. ( Salem 1998, and 2018). ( Adi Ofer : the Permanence of the temporariness).

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