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Frontline Evidence Collection

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Frontline Evidence Collection

Frontline Evidence Collection The Gaza Experience

By: Julie Webb-Pullman

Gaza Centre for Human Rights

 June 2024

Submitted to: Global Tribunal on Palestine Geneva, Switzerland, 6-8 June 2024


  • Requires States to investigate War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity in the first resort
  • The collection, management and storage of forensic evidence is an essential component of investigation of such crimes
  • Palestine, including Gaza, has a well-established British-modeled criminal justice system set up during the British Mandate, including Legislation and Regulations relating to criminal evidence collection
  • One of the ICC justifications for its slowness to open a full investigation into the situation in Palestine was its insistence that it could not obtain the evidence required for a successful conviction because of Israel’s refusal to permit ICC personnel to enter Israel or Palestine, particularly Gaza.

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